Find Java Gum at Tedeschi Food Shops

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Look for Java Gum at Tedeschi Food Shops

The Massachusetts / New Hampshire Convenience Stores will offer a special Buy 2 for $5 Promotion. Students at Harvard, Brown, U. Mass, Boston College, Boston University, and University of New Hampshire will be able to enjoy Java Gum while studying for Mid Terms.

“It’s better than Red Bull or 5-Hour,” said Noah Burnstein, a student at BU, “it works faster, tastes better, and costs less.”

One pack of Java Gum is equal to eight 10 oz cups of coffee or eight energy shots. Its perfect for students who are up late studying or pulling an all-nighter. It has all the coffee buzz without out the coffee breath and costs a fraction of the price.

Some studies have shown that caffeine may boost intelligence. Other studies have shown that chewing gum makes you smarter. We think it’s smart to save $20 per week by choosing to replace some of your coffee and energy shots with Java Gum.  Chew Smart! Click here to find a retail store near you.